Welcome to my personal website RavenGarcia.com where I have the chance to write whatever I feel I like to write about in the manner I like writing and on topics that interest me.

Don't laugh, at least not yet. There's a lot of things that I can write about and the hope is that it will interest you too. If not, the door is over there! On a mroe serious note, if you've been here before, you might be wondering where the "blog" has gone (along with all those old posts from the website's former author and owner.

The simple answer is I've removed them because I'm not too sure if said previous author wants them kept on here in case he has another place to publish them (if he hasn't already done so). As a FYI, I did keep one article that I found linked to in a few other websites and decided it might be best to keep that one with its original link profile in case people are searching for it through those other links - they can still find it (it's listed below in the "Posts").


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