Becoming a Practitioner of the Law of Attraction

More people than ever are coming to know that they really can create their own reality and realize their dreams by practising the Law of Attraction with intent.

The intent is that little extra impetus that can be given to the concept of attracting the things you are in harmony with. Ideas when acted upon make for truly compelling outcomes!

So how does a person come to learn all about how this fascinating "law" works and how they can get it working in their own lives?

Research and Education

There's no easy way for this to happen, which means it will take some measure of effort on the part of the individual that intends to bring this concept into their lives. The effort is in making time to study and then using that time wisely to actually do the studying and not goofing off to watch pointless videos on social media.

research and educationMuch can be learned simply by seeking out informative websites on the subject and reading what they offer with no obligation to buy anything, at least at the outset.

Naturally and in all fairness, the majority of people that write often lengthy and highly educational pieces for publication on the Internet don't do it purely out of the goodness of their own hearts. There is often a means to generate some remuneration for their work through recommending an online course or book that will earn them a small commission for each sale.

This is simply a means to an end, although in the process of giving a recommendation the author usually provides some highly useful and even valuable information to the reader in exchange for some potential income for their efforts.

Taking an Online Course

There is rarely any substitute for obtaining an advanced and detailed, professionally written and produced tuition course taking the form of a book or books and maybe some video footage to compliment the written text.

It is no great secret that younger generations prefer to watch video rather than read text. However, in all fairness, more can be learned and understood from reading and re-reading several chapters in a well-written book than will ever be gleaned from listening to someone speak it on a video.

That is even more poignant when many videos tend to be overproduced with accompanying music and visual distractions that really do detract from the core information being shared.

With that said, you may be wondering which type of training course you should seek out and which authors/producers will give the best value for money.

Choosing a Suitable Mentor

I personally have found certain authors or trainers to be more in tune with my own learning needs than others. This can be a personal thing where you may learn better from a certain teacher who might not be so good for me.

This is a scenario where each person should spend some time listening or reading the work of several renowned teachers in this area of knowledge. This is to discover who they are most in tune with and understand best.

My personal choices are Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale, both of whom were featured in the book and subsequent docu-movie, "The Secret" and just seem to resonate with me. You may find they work for you or you may prefer to learn from someone else in the field.

That is your prerogative and all I can say is that you will find who works best for you and when you do, they are the one(s) you should choose to follow and learn from.

How to Become a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

Once you have delved deeply into the field of "New Thought" which includes the fascinating concept of the Law of Attraction and learned and practised it for yourself, you may wish to take things a step further. To share in that knowledge.

It is not unknown for some people that have found it hugely rewarding in their own lives to decide they would like to teach what they have learned to others. You may not be surprised to learn that you can and there are certification courses available that will enable you to do just that.

My personal choice and one that I took myself is the practitioner certification course devised and published by the aforementioned Dr Joe Vitale with the help of well known NLP practitioner Steve G Jones. But I won't be reviewing it here, as I have already done that and published my findings on this website page:

The information is accurate and taken from my own journey through the course itself and the resulting improvement in my own understanding and knowledge of the Law of Attraction. Please feel free to read my review by clicking that link above (you can also purchase the course with a discount via a special link I have provided on that web page.

Alternatively, you can skip the review and simply navigate to the official course page (and still take advantage of my special discount link) by clicking the link below:

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