Moon Readings

Along a person's spiritual journey, they are sure to come across astrology and wonder what the stars are saying about them. Moon readings form part of that process and I'll discuss them in this article.

In astrology there are three types of sign that each represent something different about a person.

The sun sign, which is also known as the star-sign, is what most people refer to and this will be the sign of the zodiac that a person is born under.

moon readingsThis sign is a description of your zodiac character and can be found by the month and date a person is brought into this world.

The characteristics of the sun-sign usually represent how a person looks, behaves and what their personality traits are in general.

In addition to the more popular sun sign, in astrology there are also the rising sign and the moon sign. In this article, my focus is on that lunar sign and the moon readings provided by astrologers.

What is the Moon Sign

The moon sign represents the deep emotional state a person can be in. It's based on the position of the moon in the celestial sky at birth and how they are affected by its gravitational force.

The Moon can help a person develop their intuition and feelings. You can use it to improve your relationships with other people and how you act emotionally.

The cycle of a moon is approximately 28-days long, which is the time it takes to make a complete revolution around the Earth. This orbit takes it through all 12 signs of the zodiac as they appear in the sky, moving from one to the next in around two-and a-half days.

To calculate your moon sign, you really need to know both the exact time and place that you were born. This way it can be calculated to which zodiacal constellation in the sky the moon occupied when you arrived on Planet Earth!

When the moon returns into the sign it occupied when you are born each month, it may make you feel more emotional. It might also give you deeper intuitions.

The moon is a powerful tool that can enhance your psychic ability and raise your ability to make use of the law of attraction.

Moon Reading

The moon reading is a personalized astrological reading that can provide you with very accurate insight and revelations about your personal characteristics.

As an astrological tool, it can also reveal the importance of your personal moon phases and their significance in your life. It can help you to make better decisions about certain aspects of your life by clarifying how you are likely to feel about certain situations.

There are two types of reading, one that is based on the new moon and the other that is based on the full moon. Let's look at them both.

New Moon Reading

If you want to be able to work with the world, the energy of a new moon and its place in the zodiac are also very important.

A new moon brings new opportunities and prosperity into your life.

This powerful energy will help you to create new things and renew your life. This is a wonderful time to start a new project or try something new!

Full Moon Reading

If you are born under the full moon, then your sun zodiac sign will likely be the opposite to that of your moon sign. This is because the moon is in the opposite part of the sky to the Sun in its full phase.

Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to check your Moon Sign! Occasionally, the moon will be in either one of each zodiac signs (sun and moon).

If you want to influence your own energy, it's important to know which zodiac the full-moon is in. When the moon is in specific zodiacs it will cause different vibrations.

For example, there is an abundance on earth when the Capricorn full moon is present.

Moon Reading Simple Guide for Beginners

The moon has an emotional impact and it is important to understand what sign you are.

A moon reading doesn't have to be as difficult as before! Before the Internet age and all of its information, working out the moon sign required a great deal of research.

These days, it is easy to get a reading of the moon by entering time, place and date online.

If you have your natal chart complete, you can calculate your moon sign as well. It is a circular chart that reflects the time and date of your birth, along with what the planets did.

How reading someone's moon signs can help us to understand them better is amazing. This helps us to understand how diverse and complex people can be.


The practices of astrology are surprisingly many and varied, with modes of divination that practitioners can use to make predictions and observations about a person's future or their present situation in their life.

The positions of the stars, planets, sun and moon at certain points in a person's life are believed to have an influence on their circumstances, although no one really knows for sure how great an influence they may have. It's mainly up to the level of faith the practitioner and their client possess in the process.

In any case, it is well worth finding out what your moon sign is and learning more about it! Knowing what it is and how it affects you can help you to connect with yourself and the universe.

Doing so will allow you to grow in your personal development and progress spiritually on your soul-satellite mission. Enjoy it!

Date Posted: July 12, 2023