What is the Law of Attraction?

You may have heard of the book and movie called ″The Secret″ by Rhonda Byrne but if you haven't read or seen either, you may still wonder what is the Law of Attraction and how you can get it to work for you.

Well, if that's the case, you're just lucky you happened to land on this page! Because I'm going to explain what it is from my own understanding of the concept and then I'm going to tell you how to get it working in your life to make improvements wherever you feel improvements need to be made.

Let's Start with Energy

Energy is the lowest common denominator for, well, everything, everywhere. Everything is made of energy from the tiniest grain of sand to entire galaxies floating through the universe.

law of attractionOnce you get that concept into your head, the rest all kind of falls into place.

Think of the good old atom, with its nucleus of protons and neutrons and orbiting that nucleus are electrons. All ultra-microscopic particles that are the fundamental building blocks of everything in existence.

There are many different atoms, or more correctly atoms with many different atomic structures. If you can remember back to chemistry class and the periodic table chart pinned up on a wall somewhere in the classroom, the first element on there is hydrogen with the simplest atomic structure (one positively charged proton, one negatively charged electron).

Next on the chart is Helium, with two protons, two neutrons and two electrons. The rest of the elements have ever-increasing atoms each with more protons/neutrons in the nucleus and electrons flying around them.

Each atom, from the simplest hydrogen to the most complex, Plutonium, has a balanced electromagnetic charge (positive nucleus, negative electrons circling) and if each atom were to exist in complete isolation, that's just about how things would remain.

However, in reality, atoms are flying around and bumping into each other, knocking electrons around the place. That causes what our scientists can measure with sensitive instruments as vibration, or the flow of electrons that we know of as ″energy.″

Attraction and Replusion

Each atom vibrates at a different rate, or frequency. Different atoms vibrating on different frequencies will repel each other.

Atoms vibrating on a like frequency attract to each other to bond and form into molecules. When atoms are grouped together to form molecules, those molecules also vibrate at certain frequencies.

Energy itself is best thought of as the flow of movement within the space containing positively and negatively charged particles.

That means a rock, which is made up of many different molecules of different atom, vibrates a one frequency, whereas a cup of water vibrates at another and a volume of oxygen that we breathe vibrates at another.

Each ″solid″ entity that we can see or feel is not really solid, being made of energy and is actually an energy field. Us humans are each an energy field too. So is a beam of light, a radio wave, a star and a bar of gold.

Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, but here's the thing.

While a bar of gold that is kept at the same temperature and pressure and not moving will continue to vibrate at the same frequency until something changes, when something does change, like for example the temperature, its frequency will also change. A radio wave carrying information from a transmitting station to a receiving station will vibrate at different frequencies as the information it is carrying changes.

Where Does that Leave Me?

If you're wondering where on earth I'm going with all this and when you're going to start learning the Law of Attraction, don't worry. I'm getting to it.

Us humans have brains, which are basically electrical switching stations that control the flow of information relayed through our bodies by our nervous system. We can also think and our thoughts are themselves, energy.

As our thoughts change, the frequency they vibrate on changes.

Our thoughts dictate our emotions, which in themselves are energy and vibrate at certain frequencies. Remember I mentioned already that atoms on different frequencies repel each other, while those on like frequencies attract each other?

Well, that works for all energy fields too.

That means, if you're thinking happy thoughts, those thoughts will be creating happy emotions, all vibrating at a high frequency. Other people experiencing similar happy thoughts and emotions will be vibrating at the same high frequency and will be attracted to one another.

Conversely, happy people will be repelled by angry people and vice versa, while angry people will attract one another.

It's not just people that attract or repel each other depending on what they're thinking and/or feeling. It is also external circumstances that are on similar frequencies will be attracted, while those on different frequencies will be repelled.

Using the Law of Attraction

Now you are in possession of this knowledge of how to practice the Law of Attraction, you can work with it to bring about the outcomes you want. It should be quite obvious that you don't want to attract angry, negative or sad people to you when you're trying to achieve something that would make you positive and happy.

So to get the Law working for you, it is important to make sure that your thoughts are not wandering to angry or sad situations, memories or external happenings. To do that, you're going to have to first of all, get rid of the television, because most of what it broadcasts is negative or designed to make you feel unhappy, angry or vengeful (how many soap operas or drama shows do exactly that). News programs are also designed to make you feel sad, tense, stressed, frustrated, angry (they show a lot of stories that stir up negative emotions).

The same goes for newspapers and magazines. Stop buying and reading them!

Don't listen to the radio either. Every half hour they broadcast what? The news!

Even listening to gossiping friends or neighbors can expose you to their own frustrations, anger or negativity. It can also go on in your own home, as arguments and bad atmospheres will bring you down, lowering your own vibration to match your surroundings.

Make Your Own Space

You don't want any of this, because it is very easy to allow your own frequency to drop to match your surroundings, but harder to raise it when external forces are not in harmony with where you want to be.

To get yourself into a positive state and stay there, you really need to find as much quiet time as you can and use that time to meditate or quieten your mind and only permit positive thoughts to permeate your mind.

During the times you can't have ″quiet time″ alone, make sure you spend time with other people that are upbeat, positive and happy and will make you feel good. They will raise your vibration and help you persevere in your quest to attract good things to you.

In its most basic form, this is how to get the Law to work for you and to get the right people and circumstances to be attracted to you in order to manifest the good things that you want in life. The thoughts that you hold in your mind for most of the time will be the ones that match your emotional state and combine to transmit a powerful positive signal into the ether that will attract like things to you.