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April 12th, 2013 by Raven Garcia


Welcome to the online home and personal website of Raven Garcia, freelance writer, blogger and critic currently based in the East End of London.

I write on a wide range of topics which are close to my heart, including music, films and food, but can write about virtually anything. I’m always looking to improve, so it is my aim to keep writing as often as possible.

I set up RavenGarcia.com back in 2009, as more of a personal journal-type blog than anything else. When I realised I could use my site as a platform to express myself and share and write about my passions of music, films and food, I started to write some fun articles such as top 10 lists, film reviews and writing about various gigs I’d been to. At first these articles were mainly for the benefit of my friends and family, however I have since garnered a wider audience from all across the globe.

Here you will find tales of my adventures around London, restaurant and bar reviews, film reviews, opinion articles and top 10 lists on a wide range of subjects, and some product / website reviews I have been commissioned to write. You can even play Pac-Man if you so wish!!

Other than writing, my hobbies include drawing and poetry, travelling, drinking, playing pool and discovering new cultures and cuisines. I’m a music lover and I particularly like classic rock and heavy metal, however my tastes are quite diverse and also include some punk, folk and a little bit of ska. I’ve also recently found myself getting back into hip-hop.

Although I generally prefer horror films, I’d have to say that my favourite film of all time is The Warriors. I am also a big fan of world cinema and the works of Stanley Kubrick. I’m also a sushi chef, qualified rock climbing instructor, and an avid Arsenal fan.