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The Carpet Blues

April 24th, 2013 by Raven Garcia

Just recently I was on Facebook and I noticed my friend Ed was online. He’s not online often so I thought I’d say hi. Ed is currently across the pond staying with his girlfriend in North Carolina, so I asked him how his trip was going. He messaged me back saying this was not a good time to talk. He explained that he and his girlfriend had been house-sitting for her mother, and he had woken up that morning to find that her cat had dragged a squirrel into the house. However the squirrel must not have been dead at the time because the lounge carpet was covered with blood and fur where the squirrel had tried in vain to put up a fight, and a house plant had been knocked over onto the carpet as well. As a result the carpet was in a right state.

I advised him to search for carpet cleaners raleigh nc online, as some of those carpet cleaning services can work miracles on stuff like that. Trust me, with tough stains like blood it pays to get the professionals in. I speak from experience there.

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