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The Wheels On The Luggage Go… Over My Foot

February 11th, 2013 by Raven Garcia

I’ve been watching a lot of clips of “Russell Howard’s Good News” show on YouTube recently, particularly the parts where on the Saturday shows he invites an up-and-coming stand up comic to come on stage and perform a 15-minute set. My favourite ones so far have been Daniel Simonsen, who is from Norway, and whose droll sense of humour I found quite entertaining (although I appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of tea), and also Nathan Caton, who had me in stitches.

One thing that for some reason has stuck in my mind though, was one of the comedians (a guy called Alun Cochrane), made an interesting observation about suitcases. He basically pointed out that suitcases and wheels have both existed independently for years, so how come it took the human race so long to put the two together?? For some reason I got thinking about this. I mean, I wonder if the concept of wheels on luggage would extend to something like a mens leather briefcase like the ones city boys carry. Saying that though, today at the train station a woman ran over my foot with one of those wheely suitcases. So maybe they should be banned. Maybe we should go back to carrying them after all.

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