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Here’s To My Health…

February 13th, 2013 by Raven Garcia

Two years ago, I decided to knock the drinking on the head during the week, and only have a drink at the weekends. I lasted until July. We won’t go into what happened after that.

I say I lasted until July, I did slip up a few times. I won the pub quiz one night with Neil and Thespina so I thought I’d have a couple of pints to celebrate. Then I had a really shitty day which finished with Arsenal getting knocked out of the Champions’ League, so I cracked and had a few that night. That was my only major slip-up, to be fair. Apart from giving up on the whole thing in July.

Well I am going for it again this year. I’m already a month and a half in and I feel great. I’m still having a few drinks on Friday and Saturday nights and the occasional cheeky one on Sundays.

This time around it has actually been a lot easier than I remember it being last time. The first week was the hardest but, once I showed myself I can do it for a week it was a piece of piss. And I’ve started playing football again as well. I’m determined to at least shift a bit of weight and live healthier.

I’ve got to that stage where I don’t feel I need a drink in the evenings. I look forward to the weekends more and I’m starting to look forward to football during the week as well. So what do I do with my time now?? I play Tiger Woods golf on the Playstation. What an exciting life I lead.

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